25 September, 2016 19:01

Last winter I saw a photo of a refugee child in a row boat with a single tear falling into the water. My mind immediately thought of that tear floating over to America. And someone wading in the water and it hitting their feet. And this person, not knowing why, but feeling an overwhelming sadness. I cried. I can feel the heaviness over all of us as we are becoming aware of the cruelty that so many are experiencing in other countries and in our own with the gun violence and racism. This song is for all of us. So we can stretch and hold hands and not fear anymore. Let the ground be strong enough to hold us up and love all people.

Heading back to NE to debut Weighted Balloon

On May 14, Katie Burns will return to Omaha to debut the new Weighted Ballon album at Aromas Coffeehouse. Join Katie and her band for a music performance at Aromas Coffeehouse at 7pm. Katie currently lives outside of Madison, Wisconsin, but counts her hometown of Omaha among her musical influences.

Katie graduated from Duchesne Academy and went to Benedictine College on a writing scholarship. She studied classical guitar and thus began her singer/songwriter career. Four years ago Katie teamed up with Madison cellist and Omaha South graduate Eric Miller to record her first studio album at ARC Studios in Omaha NE. She sent her songs to producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist Ben Brodin and the three musicians made an album in three days. Since then, Katie and Eric have continued to work with Ben to create Katie’s three albums, each unique to its own title.

Katie’s latest, “Weighted Balloon” is more complex in it’s instrumentation and themes.

“I am very proud of this album. Ben and I had a vision of a more vintage feel with an airy vocal. We used mostly vintage equipment on the recording. Eric came and played cello and also trumpet. I feel our vision was achieved especially when you listen to the album on vinyl.”

The song “Carry Me Home” was inspired by Katie’s childhood growing up in North Omaha. She sings, “prairie winds, cross Nebraska plains, lift the skirts and stains, that hide my mistakes. Carry me Home.”

Katie’s albums are full of heartfelt themes and people of all ages seem to gravitate to them. Her concerts are notably filled with all walks of life. Please come and be part of this celebration!

More Information

Carry Me Home

I grew up in North Omaha, Nebraska. When I wrote this song I saw me as a child in my Catholic school uniform plaid jumper and hand me down boots walking to the bus through March slush. When you are young and small sometimes all you see is the ground and there is hope that someone might be strong enough to lift you up and carry you home. Nebraska is that home for me.

Lakeside Street Coffee House Gig

Eric and I have a show at Lakeside March 5. We have new songs. Eric has been playing his trumpet lately and it sounds beautiful. I am caught between early 90’s influence and soundscapes in my writing. I love how we all influence each other. Makes me want to hug the world. Sent from my iPhone