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January Thaw

Music group predicts warming trend

‘January Thaw’ to feature unique Madison band.

Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2015 12:00 am

MINERAL POINT, Wis. — The Rural Musicians Forum’s annual “January Thaw” will heat things up with classical/bluegrass band Graminy at 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 24, in the historic Opera House.

Along with Graminy, a band out of Madison, the guest artist will be Mineral Point’s Katie Burns Band.

Known best for her two CDs, “You’ll Find your Way” and “Throw the Flowers Down,” Katie Burns is a local indie folk singer-songwriter who lives in Mineral Point, who is noted for angelic vocals, finger-style guitar and her band’s ethereal sound. Her band includes Madison’s Eric Miller on cello, Brian Grimm on bass with Mineral Point’s John Birner on guitar…

The Mineral Point Opera House began in 1915 as a vaudeville house. Throughout the years, it has been used as a movie theater and a venue for a variety of live performances. Now restored and renovated, the building carries forward the historic legacy of Mineral Point.




Live from Lead Corners

By Dean Bakopoulos

Directed by Coleman

Homesick in Hollywood : Ever wonder what happens when a Midwesterner heads west for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood? Writer Dean Bakopoulos returns to Lead Corners, er, Mineral Point, with another darkly comedic tale, backed by the original music of local singer/songwriter Katie Burns.

This is the sad, tawdry, and hilarious tale of a writer from Lead Corners, Wisconsin, who spends a month out in Hollywood chasing dreams of fortune and fame. How does the tale end? Well, as they say in Showbiz, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to see it again and again.

Fee: $10. Tickets go on sale March 15 online

Note: Writing workshop (“Your Summer Novel”) during the day April 21. Class size is limited. Info a .

Produced by Peddler Creek at Pendarvis State Historical Site, 114 Shake Rag Street, Mineral Point, WI

Performances: April 21, 2012

Performance Times: Saturday 8 pm

Ticket Prices: $10

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Living With Music: Dean Bakopoulos

Dean Bakopoulos is the author of two novels, “Please Don’t Come Back From the Moon” and the forthcoming “My American Unhappiness.” He is now on the faculty of the M.F.A. program in creative writing and environment at Iowa State University and has just moved to Ames, Iowa.

I write while listening to music, mostly because the world beyond my headphones is too chaotic. I have a 4-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son, and a good chunk of my forthcoming novel, “My American Unhappiness,” was written in the basement with the sounds of dance parties, play dates, art projects and general rompiness pounding above my head. Music — which I could never listen to while writing before I had children — became essential to my process. Now, for each project, I create a soundtrack that encompasses the mood I’m trying to create with my fiction. I turned in a draft of “My American Unhappiness” in the fall of 2008; the next week, the publishing industry — and my publisher in particular — joined the rest of the American economy by falling into collapse mode. The small rural arts center where I was writer-in-residence fell into the red and so did every thing else that might possibly pay me. One night, having just dipped into my last thousand bucks, and having just received a withering letter of editorial criticism from a trusted mentor, I found myself requesting cash advances from my credit cards. And then I spent a bunch of money on iTunes. In the months ahead, as my manuscript languished in the inbox of my departed editor, I simply went back to work. A quirky, dark novel about the end of American optimism and entitlement became a quirkier and darker novel. A winter of rewriting amid recession-fueled panic, seasonal depression and relentless self-doubt began. Thankfully, there was always music.

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