This album is simple and pure. I wanted to make an album that was true to the songs and kept the listener in a reflective mood. I always gravitate to the slow Christmas songs. They have a magic in them. I wanted to put them together for you!

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Genre: Folk: Alternative Folk
Release Date: 2016



“Weighted Balloon” is the third studio album by American singer/songwriter Katie Burns. The album was recorded at ARC Studios in Omaha Nebraska and produced by Katie Burns and Ben Brodin. Katie began preparing the album by rummaging through her old Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Neil Young albums and listening to her 80’s and 90’s favorites. She spent most of her childhood listening to vinyl on her living room shag carpet and was inspired by the hush of this memory to make an album that would create that moment in time.

Katie and Ben pulled out ARC’s vintage equipment including a 1960’s Silvertone guitar, Neil Young’s very own Neumann M49 microphone, an old 60’s echo machine, hammond b3 organ, a tiny celesta and an old banjo and began to record. Katie and Ben spent a day playing together in the studio and picking the drum takes that became the backbone to the songs. The album took it’s final form when Eric Miller came and layed down his cello and trumpet tracks. He not only tapped into an early Nick Drake feel, but created the climax of the album with a decending trumpet finale that recalls the greats that have come before us.

The album places a woman at her crossroads. She is able to stop and look back and see herself running in the race between city and open field, through seconds and years. She is able to slice the strings on a weighted balloon and then watch it hesitate. She sees the sky open up and sees the real thing. And she is able to choose her own path and continue.

This is a timeless album in it’s vintage sound and in it’s honest themes. Katie’s unique and transparent voice is priceless.

Eric Miller cello trumpet photography
Ben Brodin drums bass piano celsta banjo electric guitar organ
Katie Burns vocals acoustic guitar



This is a very beautiful album. Recorded at Arc Studios in Omaha Nebraska. Produced by Ben Brodin. The album is centered on the things of our daily life that are the same across the board. It starts with generational traditions passed down in a family, and moves to walking up the stairs with your kids, clearing the kitchen table, watching your son’s baseball games, loneliness among friends, watching your father bury his father, and ends with a song called peace that wraps up the beauty in the little things. This album is both uplifting and heartfelt. It appeals to all walks of life and all ages. Katie’s angelic vocals paired with her finger style guitar playing, and organic instruments makes an ethereal and pure sound that never tires.

Katie Burns: vocals, guitar
Eric Miller: cello
Scott Moore: drums
Ben Brodin: piano, guitar, organ, vibraphone, percussion and bass



Katie Burns’ first album which includes 13 beautiful songs like Bells, 123 and Sleep Now.